PAK Hardware

PAK carries a full line of hardware to help you with your fabric installation. If you have any questions about hardware, please call us today at (706) 894-1444!

Tape & Wire

Poly Repair Tape
Helps repair poly rips. UV resistant poly film tape backed  adhesive. Use to patch all types of poly greenhouse covers. Available in 4” & 6” widths.
PAKGuard Tape
Polyester/felt tape helps extend the life of greenhouse coverings by reducing chafing and wear from arches or truss supports. Available in 1.5” x 40’ rolls.


Webbing Tape
UV stabilized, woven polypropylene fabric tape used to reinforce edges and seams of panels. Available in 1.75”x300’, 2.75”x300 and 2.75”x1,500’ length rolls.
Plastic Wire
PAK stocks 15 & 18 gauge plastic wire. Sold by the pound. Used to support fabrics or for special application bird deterrence.

Clips & Connectors

Ball Ties
PAK Ball Ties are high grade rubber bungee material connected to a plastic ball. Use them to attach fabric to canopy frames and keep it under constant tension.
Smart Clips
Intended for connecting nets to cables. Black. 40mm diameter.


Plastic Double Hook
Hook allows for the easy dismantling and reinstallation of nets or fabric. Black. 57mm length.
Poly Connector
Intended for securing polyethylene film coverings or woven fabrics. Black. 62mm length.

Carabiner Clips
Used to secure fabric or netting to cable lines.

Ties & Pins

Cable Ties
Used for attaching fabrics to cable lines or poles. High tensile strength. Available in bags of 100.
Ground Staples
6” double-leg, steel pins used to secure woven ground cover or other fabrics to the ground. Available in cases of 1,000. Available in multiple sizes.


Fabric Pins
Used to secure fabric or netting to cable lines.